CC Outtake: Hot Rod Lark

Hot Rod 1959 Lark Rt side

By pure coincidence, and following hard on the heels of Paul Niedermeyer’s speculations on a hot-rodded ’59 Studebaker Lark, here’s an actual one, photographed by a good friend in a Mount Joy, PA parking lot in 2013.

OK, so it’s a Lark VIII four-door sedan rather than a coupe, but whatever. The roman numeral clearly means either that it originally came with the 259 CID V8, putting out somewhere between 180 and 195 HP, or it was an unremarked participant in the eighth Super Bowl. Guess we’ll go with the former.

Hot Rod 1959 Lark front 3_4

I’m not much for the primertastic flame job, and there’s some lower-body rust-through here and there, but at least all the exterior trim remains present and intact. I’m forever a sucker for dog-dish wheel covers, which appear to be original, and the exhaust venting ahead of the rear wheels is kind of sweet, even if it only vents to one side, as seems the case.

Hot Rod 1959 Lark Rear

The biggest surprise, however, is at the rear: that’s one serious tow hitch.

Hot Rod 1959 Lark Rear 3_4

The mind boggles, wondering what this thing might tow around. A rat-rodded Hawk or Avanti? Who knows?

(photos: Mike Lovell)

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