CC Outtake: What Do You Get When You Cross A Big Piano With A Dodge Minivan?

There were many noteworthy things about the 4th generation Dodge Grand Caravan and this particular example displays the car’s harmonious design.  This van continues to give its owner a full measure of all that one expects from a good minivan.  This van seems to give the owner very little treble, probably because it is much easier to keep in tune than, say, a base Sonata.  This one seems to get no rest.

These were perfect cars for the staff of a youth organization and were only half or a quarter or even an eighth as likely as most other vehicles to give the driver difficulty with the key.  The 3.8L V6 could really sing on the highway, with the kind of performance necessary for the carmakers who expected to play in this class.

Yes, Chrysler knew how to put the accent on the kinds of features sure to put a melody into the heart of the buyer.  And buyers’ certainly listened, which was instrumental in Chrysler’s major success with the minivan.

I came across this car midday on New Year’s Eve.  Can you imagine a better car for ringing in a new year?  I have only one question: If this minivan were to stall in a forest, would it make a sound?

Oh, and if you have not yet figured out the answer to the riddle in the title, here you are:  A Concert Grand Caravan.