CC Outtake: International R160 COE

Well now, it’s not everyday I see an old International COE sittin’ around, but I did today!

I didn’t have time to talk to the owners, I used up all my time taking to a man about his Range Rover. But it obviously has a homemade bed and some sort of stacks.

Not sure if those smoke stacks actually connect to the muffler/s.

And I don’t think suspension travel was on their mind when they made that little flatbed.

It’s funny to see the R series cab like this. IHC simply mounted it on a new step-up base and made the short high hood to fit. The R cab was used for quite some time in medium duty IHC trucks, long after it had been fazed out in the light line.

Well, I can only hope to see her on the road instead of just sitting in a corner one of these days. So long COE.