CC Outtake – It’s Only Efficient if it Runs

I can certainly understand anyone who wants to get more fuel economy from a car. However, for that to mean anything the car actually has to work. Not long ago I recall a couple of commentators discussing, with some remorse, the Chinese scooters they had owned. It was then that I remembered this three-wheeled contraption.

I am pretty sure that this car has been parked in the same place since before 2000. If you look closely at the ground under it there isn’t a blade of grass to be seen. I submit that as proof that this car never moves. I doubt that this model is still in existence, and I really don’t care what it is.

About all I’m certain of is that this old heap is powered by an internal combustion engine and we’ll probably be able to see it from the street in a few years.  The paint peelers have started, and the tin worms won’t be far behind. Once this cheap steel (assuming it’s not really plastic) starts to rust, it won’t take long.

Forget the color of the paint. All that glitters is not gold.