CC Outtake: Jeep Wagoneer Pick-up – Something Is Off Here

It’s been quite a while since I posted here – The stress of everyday life has a way of wreaking havoc in my spare time. Plus, it has to be said, I had not come across an interesting classic for some time. But the other day, I stumbled upon a widely familiar (well, familiar here at CC) yet oddly different classic, so I made time to share it with you.


As usual (for me), it started with my trusty dash-cam, which captured this whilst on my way to the doctors’ (don’t worry, it’s just a routine checkup). As I was about to turn into the designated street, I saw this:

No music this time, just the radio on.

Alright then, I’ll park and head back for a closer look.

Heading towards the Jeep, something felt a bit strange; I’m certainly no authority in Wagoneers, but I don’t remember there was a pick-up with such short wheelbase amongst the range. And in any case, the Gladiator was the Jeep “truck”. Perhaps there was a detachable half-roof version (similar to the K5 Blazer), and I’m missing the rear seats from this position. So get closer:

From the front it’s all Wagoneer, of the Kaiser years- sorry, beats me as to the specific model year. License plate defines it as a recent import to Israel and not an original one from the Sixties, although according to the numbers’ combination, this Jeep could have arrived in the country as much as fifteen years ago.

Well, body panels are definitely Wagoneer’s- that’s no Gladiator. And that B (C?) pillar is weird. This is starting to look like a self-made-private-garage project. Let’s take to the back:

Ok, this definitely started out as a Wagoneer, as if I needed an assurance (just look above the license plate). But this “Quadra-Trac” emblem again has me puzzled; according to Wikipedia, it was used on Wagoneers starting from 1973. This featured Jeep should be much older. Curiouser and curiouser… And look at the cabin – judging by the heating elements inserted in the rear window (and its surrounding sheet-metal), I’d say it’s decades younger than the car it’s attached to, and there’s nothing Jeep about it – it probably came from another car altogether.

Too much glare to see anything, but I’ve added this photo anyway so that you could witness the modern seats (not a bad idea in my book, regardless of this weird creation).

I rounded it once more to take this side photo, in which the off, unrelated rear of the cabin is more prominent. And this view also shows its condition is less than ideal- look at the body panels ahead of both wheels.

Eventually I crossed the street, sat down on a nearby bench and took this photo. Well, that was weird. I wonder who came up with this, and why. Maybe I’m wrong and there was such a Wagoneer pick-up version in its day that I’m unaware of, but all my Googling came up with nothing, and this has too many signs of a self-made job.

As ever, any CC readers’ input is welcomed.