CC Outtake: Keeper of the Flame


There may be some debate about the actual year of the Fiero in this morning’s CC, but there can be no doubt about the year of this one.  I was heading to Costco for some gas last week and caught a glimpse of this car on the road.  Surprise, surprise, it was heading to Costco for gas too.  We covered the actual Indy Pace Car version of the Fiero here, but this is the first one I have seen on the street in quite some time.  This car looks newer than an ’84 because the Pace Car used a different front end that was applied to regular production versions of the Fiero GT the following year .

I spoke briefly with the owner, who indicated that he rescued this one from a junkyard.   It is a mite rough around the edges, but is a rare find and worthy of being kept and loved, so Kudos to its new adoptive parent.  I wondered what to do with this picture, and toyed with doing a piece on some of the Indy Pace Car replicas that I have seen out and about.  But this starting out as Fiero day, I suppose there is no time like the present.