CC Outtake: Line ‘Em Up


“Hello, Brown Car Appreciation Society? You better get somebody down here…”


After the snow from last week had melted, I decided I ought to grade the backlot and get the vehicles there re-organized before the next blizzard comes along. Of course, the first step in that process is to clear the way for the tractor – which means moving everything out to the parking lot for a while.

Once I got the first few moved, I realized that a brown car (and van) parade was forming. So I paused to take a few pictures, before something like a white Suburban could come along and sully this color-coordinated lineup.


First up we have this half-ton Chevy van, a former resident of Washington State that I picked up last summer.


You may recall that my old man found himself in need of a puppy-friendly vehicle not too long ago, giving up a Chevelle sedan to keep its interior from becoming a chew-toy. This was the replacement. It’ll get its own COAL when the time is right.


Of course, you all should recognize this one by now – it’s Project XJ6, the Jaguar that’s currently waiting for some love.


So far I’ve had little success in tracking down a fuel tank(s) for it. But once the weather is more cooperative (maybe next week, they say) I’ll be back on the prowl, hitting junkyards near and far in search of the needed parts.


Of course there’s also this gem – one which got a brief mention in a Junkyard Outtake last fall.


It’s an ’82 LeSabre coupe, for which I’ve now collected all the needed parts (except for the front bumper fill). It would have been on the road by now, if not for a certain Jag which has been hogging the spotlight.


Still, it seems content to wait, so long as it gets a little attention in the meanwhile.


Although it’s not actually brown – more like maroon – who was I to deny this Caprice its chance to join in? (By the time you read this, said Caprice will have been sold… so it was now or never!)


They’ve all got keys in their ignitions, air in their tires, and gas in their tanks (at least for now, in the Jaguar’s case)… all more-or-less ready to hop in and go for a spin. Which would you pick?