CC Outtake: Mystery Three Wheeler

I recently attended the local swap meet and was struck by this interesting three wheeler micro truck. This being three wheeler week it seems to be a perfect time to share it with you all. I’d love to able to tell you all about but sadly I don’t have any idea what it might be. It did not have any markings or badges so the identity is a bit of mystery. Looks very similar to many other three wheelers but the details don’t match up perfectly to anything I can find. A bit different than the more common Cushman. It had an Alberta license plate which might indicate it was once registered here and not a recent import. The color scheme is similar to the old US Postal one so perhaps made its way up from Montana at some point. [ED: it looks generally similar to the Westcoaster Mailster, but there are some key differences] Obviously in rough shape it would still make an intriguing project. There was a note asking for offers as the owner didn’t want to haul it home. Hopefully it found a new home but I was able to resist.

The rear had a random assortment of parts in it. Not many seemed to be for the truck.

Steering bar with engine under that cover in the middle. There was a pedal on either side of the cover.

Any ideas on this one?