CC Outtake: Nate Finds A ’77 Pontiac Bonneville with Rare Valencia Interior

(sent to me by CC reader Nate)

I was in a gas station yesterday morning when this car pulled in behind me and I chatted up the owner, an L.A. County D.A.’s Office Criminal Prosecutor .
He said he’d helped his Dad choose one of these in 1977, the one (color choice) they wanted got away but the dealer sold them a black fully loaded demo for less, they bought it and kept it for years, as the father got older the son (man I was chatting with)  decided to find one for Pops, located this one in Mo. with zero rust and only 42,000 original miles, they drove it together to Fla where Pops lived until he died last year.  He told me the name of this special edition, I forgot to write it down. (Valencia; ED)

Dig those crazy seat covers !


Says he wants to keep it as a hobby car in loving memory of his Father .