CC Outtake: Nissan Stagea re-visited – Skyline front clip version

1997 Nissan Stagea

We saw a Nissan Stagea station wagon the other day and while it shares the same basic architecture with the famous Nissan Skyline the styling is quite different. Perhaps someone was looking for a more sporting styling out of their straight six powered wagon. Or maybe just something more Skyline looking. The result is this Stagea with R34 Skyline GT-R nose.

1997 Nissan Stagea 1

This is a 1997 model and the RS 4 badges means it has the same AWD system as the Skyline. This Stagea/Skyline hybrid was seen at a local indoor car show and while it didn’t have any detailed specifications displayed I’d like to think the Skyline’s turbocharged engine also came across with the nose transplant. The Stagea is often known as the Skyline wagon and this particular example is particularly true to the concept.