CC Outtake: Nysa 522 – Still hard at work


Sorry, no fancy stories to tell; just want to share a photo I had a chance to take. That’s the Polish Nysa 522 van–based on the FSO Warszawa, which in turn was based on the Soviet GAZ M-20 Pobeda. This one happened to find its way back to its ancestral home.

It may be not very pretty, but its rounded body has a certain charm, and its practicality and durability are doubtless. I’ve seen several before in different stages of deterioration, even a resto-modded one, but none leading such an active lifestyle, so to speak. It seems that the owner was hired by a family moving into this newly built (and more like still-being-built) house, not far from my own new apartment. Didn’t dare to distract him while doing his job, so the details of the story are left vague.

Most likely that the original Polish 2.2 liter S21 engine, a sturdy and robust workhorse in its own right, has been substituted with the much more common, local-built 2.5 liter 402.10 from the GAZ parts bin. Otherwise it looks fairly original and intact, which is quite a feat since the last of its kind left the assembly line in the city of Nysa almost 20 years ago, on February, 2 1994.