CC Outtake: Oldsmobile Delta 88 – Two for One

Oldsmobile Delta 88

While eighth generation Oldsmobile 88s are getting a bit thin on the ground it is still possible to spot the occasional single example out and about still earning its keep. But two in a single parking lot? I found this pair parked outside a public library. A rather unusual sight here since about the mid 1990s.


The blue car is a 1983-1984 Delta 88 that obviously passed through the GSL Chev City dealership in Calgary at some point in its lifetime. I have always thought their logo is quite clever with the bow-tie used as the T in city.


The grey one is also a Delta 88 model from the same 1983-1984 era. Perhaps one of our readers can narrow it down a bit more (update as per the comments below they are both 1984 models). Unlike the blue example it has sunburned paint but has managed to retain its wire wheel hubcaps. The front license plate is a sign of long term ownership here as Alberta dropped the requirement for one in 1991.


Tom Klockau has a nice in-depth write up on the coupes if you prefer your Oldsmobiles with a couple less doors.


If you haven’t had your fill of 1980s GM goodness yet there was also a Pontiac Sunbird hanging out next the Delta 88. Again it retains a front license plate indicating someone has spent a good number of years behind the wheel of this little J-body. Sharp eyed readers will spy a white Cutlass in the background as well. This library parking lot could almost exist in Oregon!