CC Outtake: Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency(s) – Postlude in C, Opus 94-96

I have several route options for my daily commute, and one of the more rural (and scenic) ones takes me past this farm where a pair of immobile 1994-96 Oldsmobile Ninety Eights are slowly sinking into the Illinois loam. I’m guessing a little on the year(s), but think I can make out the slightly face-lifted grille used in the latter part of the twelfth (and final) generation.

I always wonder what the story is behind a scene like this… why two, and what circumstances led to their being essentially abandoned in place? They’re handsome-looking cars and appear to still be in decent condition (from a distance, anyway). Think they’ll ever hit the open road again, or is this D.S. al Fine?

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