CC Outtake: Passing A Mazda 323 On The Left – So Far From Home


Here in southeastern Massachusetts, it’s quite rare to see a pre-1990s compact sedan on the roads that isn’t a Honda or Toyota. That’s why, as this very nondescript, salt-covered car came into view on my horizon, I sped up a bit to get a better look, for I knew I was about to see something out of the ordinary.


At first I thought it might be a unicorn AMC Alliance, but as I caught a glimpse of the round rear wheel wells, I knew it wasn’t so. Now pulling up along side it, I realized it was a late-1980s Mazda 323; another car I haven’t seen in sedan form here in probably over a decade. Squinting to decipher its unusual license plate, I also realized this car is from Montana, some 2,000 miles from MA-Route 3. Guess it explains why I haven’t seen this car before, but also reveals that this car is probably in somewhat decent mechanical condition if it can make the 4,000+ mile round trip.