CC Outtake: “Please Fetch My Car… It’s The Pontiac Aztek”

As a general observation, I’ve come to find it common practice for valets at high-end hotels and restaurants to park the newest and most expensive cars right out front, in fitting with the atmosphere and image of these establishments. It’s a practice that makes some sense from a business standpoint, as it outwardly projects a certain level of status to passers by, almost like free advertising.

Yet to my surprise, on a recent visit to Steel & Rye, a trendy bistro located in a former ambulance garage and what once was a DeSoto dealership way back when, it was not a new Bentley, Porsche, BMW, Range Rover parked in the prime spot but… wait for it… a Pontiac Aztek!?

Maybe the valet who parked it just wasn’t into cars? Or has the Aztek’s image actually improved over the years to the point that it’s considered tasteful? Who knows? In any event, its owner must have felt pretty special when he or she walked out and found their Aztek parked front and center.

Photographed at Steel & Rye in Lower Mills, Milton, Massachusetts – June 2018