CC Outtake: Please Take a Number

Portland is weird place just like the bumper stickers say. I stopped by the bank the other day to use the ATM to get some cash, because you can’t use your debit card to buy pot, even if it’s legal in your state. So when I park my car and walk to the ATM and I see this.

Is there anyone who has owned a car and hasn’t thought about modifying it in some way? Who am I to judge what we all plainly see here? But when you park something like this in a public parking lot, you have to expect that people might have a few questions, so here we go.

  1. Is this the automobile of some kind of arithmomaniac (a person obsessed with numbers)?
  2. Perhaps it’s the project of a gear-head elementary school teacher.
  3. Meth / opiates do strange things to people.
  4. It could be some kind of prank.
  5. It’s entirely possible I simply don’t get it.
  6. There is only so much you can do on a limited budget, so WTF?

Why it’s here and what it means is actually irrelevant. The owner customized their car. He or she made a statement we all can evaluate. They made some art. Thank God it’s not another silver crossover.