CC Outtake: Renault 9/Alliance Carwash-mobile – Care For a Shower Party?

I came across this interesting car which looked either abandoned, stolen or both.  After some investigation, it turns out it is a Renault 9 GTS “convertible”.  And it gets used for a rather unusual purpose.


No cabriolet version of the Renault 9 was ever built according to the factory,especially a four door version, so this obviously must have been a European “custom-chopped” variant.  I know in the US there were Alliance convertibles like this one.

Located in Zürich Switzerland at my local car wash – the car features: no soft top, half-eaten rear seats, snorkel and fully-accessible ignition wires!.  Apparently this car is used for “Shower Parties” (cheeky name).  You can rent it out (for only about 50 USD) with your friends and go through the car wash and get totally soaked.  Who said the Swiss were no fun?  Check out the video here:




The interior does look rather clean.


Do the electrics and instruments like being washed regularly?


So how would you take a ride though a car wash in it?