CC Outtake: Resto-Modding Done Right

chevrolet chevelle 1970-72 (1)

I like my classic cars as stock as possible. Owning a classic car is like owning a capsule from the past, and I feel you have to take the good with the bad. Many modern cars have 20 inch wheels, but mounting them on a car that came standard with 14-inchers feels disingenuous. I love listening to music from my iPhone in my car, but ripping out an original stereo unit to put in a modern one with USB and AUX jacks just doesn’t sit right with me. Sometimes, though, an enthusiast adds some modern enhancements to their ride and the end result just works. This gorgeous 1970-72 Chevrolet Chevelle is one example.

chevrolet chevelle 1970-72 (2)

Nothing here looks over-the-top. The silver paint is beautifully applied and lustrous. The wheels aren’t oversized, and their chrome finish has visual pizzazz and ties in nicely with the original chrome bumpers.

chevrolet chevelle 1970-72 (3)

This generation of A-Bodies were less visually distinguished from each other than their Colonnade successors were, but the coupes have a classic shape regardless of the brand. While I prefer the front of the ’68-69 Chevelle to the 70+ models, the latter still had attractive and clean detailing. It would have been too easy for an owner to take a base coupe and turn it into a striped SS396 clone – I saw a ’72-74 Challenger recently that was unfortunately tarted up to look like a ’70 R/T – but instead they chose to take this quite tasteful and original route.

And hey, anything is better than donks.