CC Outtake: Vintage Unnamed RV – From Trailer To Motorhome?


For some strange reason I quite enjoy quirky looking motor homes from the late 1960s and 1970s. Manufacturers were still experimenting with body styles and construction methods at the time. The timber and siding square box style seems to thumb its nose at aerodynamic considerations as well as offers quite a contrast to the fiberglass or aluminum marshmallow styles. When I first drove by this vintage RV I assumed it was of the plywood and siding club but it appears to be a little more strange than that.


A closer look at the front revels this rig’s possible origins. It looks very much like a bumper pull travel trailer with some addition windows added along with a crude radiator grill and lighting. I suspect a trailer trailer was placed on a commercial chassis and converted to a motor home. The Chevrolet hub cap perhaps indicates a General Motors power train.

Saab 92H

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The home built Saab 92H was a similar idea executed in 1963 with a only a meager 28hp engine for motivation. Further reading at on these two fascinating vehicles.

Motorhome rear

I would lean towards the home built angle on this example as well as there are no obvious manufacturer marking on the exterior of the unit. The wheel well cut out do look really nicely done so I suppose a trailer manufacturer could have created it from new as a way to dip their toe into the motor home market. What do you think – factory built or home made?