CC Outtake: Seen Better Days

The same day I shot the Follow-Up pictures of the 1971 Mustang Grandé, I saw these two old soldiers just down the road. Despite slush and mud puddles from the melting snow, I just had to stop and check them out!

Odd to see a genuine 1962 Impala in rough shape like this. These hardtops are very popular nowadays, especially as fake 409s in Resale Red. Check out those early ’80s Monte Carlo “checkerboard” alloys!

Inside you could still see most of the Impala trim, albeit in rough, faded shape. But other than the radio, most of it was still there.

The Blazer behind it was also interesting, a circa-1975 model from the looks of it. Those are even scarcer these days, as plenty of early Sixties Impalas are seen at the local cruise-ins and shows. The Blazers? Not so much. Oh well, at least these two tired old CCs have each other!