CC Outtake: Six Decades Of Mopar Or No Car

1200 Windsor Fluid Drive and Newport

Any household with Chryslers from both the 1940s and 1960s, with an additional late model Town and Country as a daily driver, must qualify as a family of Chrysler fanatics.  Each of these three examples features a significant Chrysler engineering achievement: a 1946-48 Windsor, with Fluid Drive; a 1961 Newport with pushbutton Torqueflite and Astrodome electroluminescent instruments; and a 2005-07 Town and Country with Stow’n Go seating, at least on the long wheelbase models.  The Windsor and Newport are each quite faded and rusty, but their registrations are up to date and their seats and dashboards are clean and show signs of recent work, indicating that they are usable cars that the owner is interested in keeping comfortable and ready to drive.  Either would be a characterful occasional driver for the lucky family that owns them.