CC Outtake: Someone Likes Patina!

I did a double-take sitting at a red light last Thursday evening, with this pair of weathered classics. For a split second, I thought I’d warped to Eugene!

Clearly, the Dodge (a 1949, per the CL listing) is in worse condition. If only the Sawzall treatment had been omitted, it would be a pretty neat car. But how do you see out of it, or sit in it if you are, say, over 5’7″?

Here’s what the Wayfarer two-door sedan looked like new. A bit staid, true, but still quite attractive.

The dually Advanced Design fire truck was very sound, at least from my vantage point sitting in the Town Car. While neither one, in their current state, is really my kind of vehicle, I have to give the edge to the Bowtie. If there was no chop-top, the edge goes to the Dodge. How about you?