CC Outtake: Suddenly It’s 1950! (Again!)


After months of seeing the “Dodge Brothers” television ads showing the Roaring Twenties hijinks of fictionalized versions of John and Horace Dodge, who actually each died in 1920, do you yearn for some more authentic nostalgia from the car business?  If so, this Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealership spotted in Skokie, Illinois during a visit to Chicago may be what you are looking for. 

With (from right to left) a 1949 Dodge sedan, 1948-50 Willys Jeepster, 1936-38 Dodge truck, and 1949-53 Willys CJ-3A, this dealership provides a slice of vintage Dodge and Jeep offerings, mostly clustered around the year 1950.  In my opinion, this collection needs a 1950 Chrysler Town & Country or Windsor (not a New Yorker, not in Chicago) to be complete, or perhaps a black and white 1974 Dodge Monaco as a nod to the Windy City’s signature Mopar.  Even without them, though, this dealership appears to be doing nostalgia in the right way.

CC Outtake: Suddenly It’s 1950!