CC Outtake: Suzuki Samurai Survivor

While quite common in other parts of the world the Suzuki Samurai is a rare sight in Alberta these days. As a cheap and cheerful 4×4 most of these were used and tossed away. Remaining examples have seen an increase in their values of late. I recently came across this survivor fitted with a cheeky hood ornament.

Not sure of the meaning behind this winged pig ornament but it appears to be a properly vintage item. No doubt it is related to the common expression “when pigs fly”. This one would have been perfect for our pig themed “Hamborghini” Tercel.

This one is definitely a Samurai rather than the earlier SJ410 which was also sold in Canada as evidenced by the fender call out badge. The rugged little SUV is sporting a tow hitch, intake snorkel, grill guard and oversized tires which makes it look ready for any offroad action although I do wonder if the tires are too large with an impact on axle articulation. Maybe the next modification is larger fender flares. How common are Samurais in your area? Or do you stand a better chance of seeing a pig fly?