CC Outtake: The Cars of North Sioux City, South Dakota

Everybody needs to have their basic operating procedures.  A new one I’m implementing is to chronicle the cars from towns I visit where there are contradictory terms in the name.  So this is what I found on a recent foray through North Sioux City, South Dakota.

What initially caught my eye was this 1955 Plymouth Belvedere two-door sedan.  Well, it says Belvedere on the front fender but the chrome treatment is what was found on the Savoy.  The lack of a V emblem on the hood reflects it as having a six-cylinder engine.  Whatever trim level it is, somebody has taken pride of ownership in their Plymouth.

This generation of Tornado has spoken to me for years.  This particular one, however, isn’t speaking as loudly.  Perhaps it is soft-spoken due to its feeling a might beleaguered.  But it is obviously still on the prowl, more than can be said of the Oldsmobile name or the Chevelle parked in front of it.

One has to wonder if somebody living here as a thing for reddish Oldsmobile Toronados.  This particular Toronado has avoided the carcinoma of the ’79 to ’85 model we just saw.  Perhaps it’s due to being newer or having more plastic cladding.  Neither of these Toronados are that wide or tall, with the width of the elder being at a midpoint between a new Corolla and Camry.  The black Nissan Altima is rather dwarfing this newer one.

The Chevelle is proclaiming itself to be an SS.

It’s hard to know if South Dakota is classified as being Upper Midwest, Great Plains, or simply Cold For Much Of The Year.  But it’s obvious GM maintains a mighty heavy presence to this day – at least around here.

This Buick Park Avenue is one of the few I’ve seen in a very long time and looks to be in good shape apart from the rocker panels.

Our last car needs no introduction…

What town is complete without an old GM B-body parked in some driveway?  Had it been a Chevrolet it would have blended in with the dandelions but with this being a Pontiac Parisienne, that is a slightly different story.

More to come if I ever visit places such as North Charleston, South Carolina, or South Raleigh, North Carolina, or East Wheeling, West Virginia….if such towns exist.