CC Outtake: The E Body Street Band

1200 E Body 1

The Guinness Book of World’s Records has no record for the number of 1990s GM personal luxury cars parked on one street, or on twenty yards (18.288 meters for our readers outside of the United States) of one street, but if they create one, then this group could become the record holder.

Whoever lives on this street in Washington, DC and owns these five Eldorados and Rivieras parked there (with a sixth possibly parked in the empty space to the left but out and about at the time of this photograph) has to be the world’s biggest fan GM’s big coupes of the late 1980s to early 2000s.

1200 E Body 2

Two 1986-91 Eldorados (one covered), two 1992-2002 Eldorados, and a 1995-99 G-body Riviera were present, so I will hazard a guess that the owner decided to drive his other 1995-99 Riviera to work that day.  GM personal luxury cars of 1986-2002 are still generally considered to be ordinary used cars rather than classics to be sought by collectors, so whoever is collecting these cars is following his own desires, not anyone else’s definition of what is a classic or not.  He has found his own path to classic car happiness–may we all be so lucky!