CC Outtake: The Rapidly Disappearing Cavalier Wagon

12-28-2013 027 (800x591)

Pity the poor Cavalier. Never a car purchased for love, most of them have had uncaring owners from new, resulting in their rarity these days, despite impressive production numbers from inaugural 1982 to the end in 2005. Seeing any Cavalier or examples of its J-body brethren in fair to nice condition is rare, but especially rare are the wagons.

Now, those of you in warmer climes might be thinking “rustbucket.” But for a Northeast Illinois automobile, this aqua Cav longroof is pretty solid. And Junqueboi will be happy to hear it also is equipped with the 3.1L V6, not the four-cylinder. Despite the rust, I would not be surprised if the original owner is still driving it, as other than the rust, there was no dents, dings, crash damage, aftermarket gingerbread tacked on, and all four original wheel covers were present. And seeing that color took me back to circa 1992-93! Remember the brief aqua fad in the early Nineties? I do!

12-28-2013 028 (800x507)

It’s not perfect, but it’s still patiently serving its owner. And isn’t that what CC is all about?