CC Outtake: The Snowvolvo

2-19-2013 002 (1280x860)

Living in the Midwest can be fun. For instance, yesterday, as I was driving out to my folks’ house, it was pouring down rain and about forty-eight degrees. The forecast called for “light snow” late in the evening. Not a word of freezing rain or ice. How foolish was I, believing the TV meteorologists…

By 4:00 or so it was snowing, but it appeared to be melting even before it hit the ground. No problem, right? But when I went out to warm up the car later that night, I was greeted by a station wagon covered with about 1/4″ of form-fitting snow, underneath which was another 1/4″ of solid ice. Better yet, the entire street was literally an ice rink; I could almost see my reflection. I can deal with snow, but ice is another matter.

So, rather than throw caution to the wind and brave the rural two-lane home, I became an overnight guest. Spring can’t come too soon; are you with me?

2-19-2013 001 (1280x868)