CC Outtake: The Turbocharged Power Of Marketing


There’s a reason this Windstar owner in San Miguel de Allende slapped an EcoBoost badge on their minivan. Ford’s EcoBoost line of engines have been tremendously successful in migrating owners of naturally-aspirated four-, six- and eight-cylinder engines to turbocharged mills. 


The EcoBoost family of engines was originally supposed to wear a decidedly different name—Twinforce. Ford decided to instead use a name with stronger connotations of reduced emissions and increased fuel economy, selecting EcoBoost. By marketing the wide range of engines with the same nameplate, Ford has established excellent name recognition for the technology and its efficiency and performance advantages. No, EcoBoost doesn’t sound as cool as Twinforce (or Hurricane, or Rocket) but evidently it is well-known and respected enough for somebody to want to put an EcoBoost badge on their Windstar. Oh, and it sounds a lot cooler than Essex.

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