CC Outtake: Time Travel – Destination, 1976

I remember 1976.  Quite well, in fact.  For those too young to have been there, let me tell you a little bit about it.  The economy was good and everyone was in a festive mood due to the Bicentennial.  Gas prices were coming down and incomes seemed to be recovering from a nasty recession in 1974-75.  All of which conspired to bring about a very good year for sales of big American luxury cars.  All over America (and particularly in the eastern 4/5 of the country) we saw neighborhoods full of sights just like this.

Lincoln was on a roll and Chrysler was selling a lot of New Yorkers (that looked suspiciously like Imperials) but Cadillac was still the boss.  Or the boss’s car.  This was indeed the American Dream, at least for those over forty back then.  Doesn’t this scene look like it has the makings of a picture for a brochure or an ad in Smithsonian Magazine?

This picture, however, is not from 1976 but from just a few weeks ago – and in my own neighborhood.  Since that time I met the man who owns it and snapped several more pictures.  But until I get around to writing it up, this taste will have to whet your appetites.