CC Outtake: Two Rusty White Benzes

mercedes rusty (2)

I spotted this W112 Mercedes just by the Brooklyn Bridge. How sad that the first W112 I ever saw would be in such an unfortunate condition, although it doesn’t look too far gone and it would appear (based on its location) that it is about to receive the help it needs. Has anyone seen such a peculiar pattern of rust before, though?

mercedes rusty (3)

Here’s a shot of the front. Such a beautiful Benz, but one that needs some TLC. The white paint color exposes its flaws oh so clearly.

mercedes benz clk rusty (1)

I spotted another rusty Mercedes on the other side of the East River in Washington Heights, just in front of my old apartment building. This one was a first-generation CLK, and it was rather surprising how much rust it had for a late-model car. Not quite as much as the W112, mind you, but still more than one would expect.

mercedes benz clk rusty (2)

Even on New York City streets so heavily salted in the winter, it is quite rare to see a 1990s/2000s car with surface rust, especially a Mercedes-Benz!

I suppose the lesson is if you want a car that conceals rust, don’t buy a white car.