CC Outtake: Two Very Different Fords, Same Current Purpose


Beyond the fact that these sedans are both Fords, very few characteristics are shared between the two. This very “old-school” 2000 Crown Victoria is full-size, body-on-frame, rear-wheel drive, V8-powered, and six-passenger, courtesy of its leather-covered front bench. Behind it is a 2012 Ford Focus, that with compact size, unibody construction, front-wheel drive, 4-cylinder power, and cloth bucket seats, seems to contradict the Crown Vic in every way.

While the original Crown Victoria buyer likely differed in wants, needs, and demographics from the modern Focus buyer just as much as the cars themselves, it may surprise you that the current owners of these two cars are very much alike along these lines. Each car belongs to good friends of mine, both of who are approximately 22 years of age, college students (at the time of this picture), and use these as their daily drivers to get to and from work, school, girlfriends, and other typical daily events of young twenty-something lives. Just goes to show that two very different sedans can serve an identical purpose, and that there isn’t just one stereotypical vehicle for a certain demographic.