CC Outtake: Volkswagen Mk6 Golf Cabriolet – I Didn’t Even Know These Existed!

After VW discontinued the Cabrio, the only other non-Beetle VW convertible I was aware of was the charming yet short-lived and little-loved Eos. Which is why I was dumbfounded when I laid eyes on this Mk6 Golf cabriolet on the outskirts of Salzburg, Austria.

In fact, VW did produce the Mk6 generation Golf in cabriolet form, for the 2012-2017 model years in select markets, and even offered GTI and Golf-R versions of it. VW buffs will know that the Mk7 Golf went on sale as a 2013 model in Europe, yet the Mk6 cabriolet soldiered on alongside other bodystyles of the sharper-styled Mk7. Facing slow sales, the Golf cabriolet was discontinued following the 2017 model year, prior to which I was even aware of its existence. Please forgive my ignorance.

Photographed: Frohnburg Palace in Salzburg, Austria – November 2018