CC Outtake: What a Difference A Quarter-Century Makes


If you were shopping for an entry-level Japanese luxury sedan in 1991, the Lexus ES 250 and Infiniti G20 would have been two out of your three options (the third being the Acura Integra). Although the ES 250 was about seven inches longer (183.1 vs 175), the two were very similar in width and height. The Infiniti was 66.7 inches wide and 54.9 inches tall, the Lexus 66.9 inches wide and 53.1 inches tall. The two also had similar interior volumes of 87 cubic feet for the ES and 89 for the G.

Looking at this angle, it’s amazing to think that this modern Lexus ES was once a similarly-sized competitor to this feeble looking G20. But as we all know, cars have become substantially larger and more luxurious in the last quarter-century. For comparison, a 2015 Lexus ES is nine inches longer, five inches wider, and four inches taller than its first-generation ancestor. You may be surprised to know that the 2015 ES 350’s reported curb weight is only 201 lbs. heavier than the 1991 ES 250.