CC Outtake: When The Century Was New And Full Of Promise

cjcz92 buick century

Regular Curbsider Christian (cjcz92) captured this Buick Century and posted it to the Cohort. I’ve seen more than my fair share of A-Bodies, their sturdy mechanicals and often elderly ownership base ensuring their continued presence on North America’s roads. But I’ve never seen a Century this old, Christian’s photographed example being either a 1982 or 1983 base model Century Custom.

I’ve criticized later Century and Ciera models in the past, but these early models are respectable vehicles. The most egregious reliability and durability issues of the X-Body had been taken care of and the styling was handsome. Front-wheel-drive was fast taking over the automotive landscape and these and the Chrysler K-Car, among others, helped introduce the drive layout to conservative domestic car buyers who quickly saw its advantages. And while a Honda Accord may have been a more refined piece of machinery, Honda dealers were renowned for charging above sticker and an Accord sedan offered a little less in the way of shoulder room. Besides, the Century offered a wagon body style and an optional V6, two things the Accord did without for several years. It also offered a diesel V6 and wire-wheel covers but Honda never went down that road…

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