CC Outtake: Where The Forgotten ’90s Kids Hang Out


Either of these two cars in the foreground would be worthy CC-photo opps on their own, and in fact both of them have received extensive write-ups, in the exact same colors no less. Yet parked together these oft forgotten early-’90s cars make for an interesting double feature.

1991 Mercury Capri-14-15

Sold through Mercury dealers from 1991-1994, the third generation Capri roadster flew in from down under, as a rebadged version of the Australian-produced Ford Capri. While all other Mercurys leaned towards conservative, quasi-luxurious family transportation, the youth-oriented convertible Capri was by far an outlier in the Mercury lineup. Not appealing to the typical Mercury buyer, it’s no surprise that sales were disappointing, resulting in Mercury withdrawing the car from the market in 1994 with no successor.


The LeBaron LE sedan behind it was also somewhat of a forgotten odd man out in Chrysler’s lineup, especially by its final model year, also 1994. Sure the storied LeBaron name was well-known and still remembered today, but early-’90s LeBarons are usually remembered for the convertible model, or in the case of the sedan, the wire wheel/vinyl roof/button-tufted seat Landau sedan.

1992 Chrysler-20

The base model (later renamed “LE”) was nothing more than a well-equipped Plymouth Acclaim, whose only value proposition was the somewhat more prestigious Chrysler name and its crystal pentastar. When it was quietly discontinued in 1994, the LeBaron sedan was the last boxy, formal-roofed vehicle in Chrysler’s mostly swoopy lineup of LH cars.


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