CC Outtake: Which Is Bigger – A Mini or a Volvo?

Who would have asked a silly question like that in the 1960s or ’70s? But that was then, this is now.

On my trip this morning to the local Sainsbury’s I spotted the square-jawed ’90s Volvo first but then, with some amusement, noted it was stood alongside the current Mini Clubman.

So, which is bigger?

Dimensions                Length                   Width                   Height           Luggage capacity

Volvo 440           4312mm – 169.8″     1686mm – 66.4″     1390mm – 54.7″     379lit. – 13.4ft3

Mini Clubman     4253mm – 167.4″     1800mm – 70.9″     1390mm – 54.7″     360lit. – 12.7ft3

The Mini is wider by quite a margin, but the Volvo a tad longer and has more luggage space. Shall we call it a draw?