CC Outtake: Would You Regret That On Monday?

FF Supra

It was a Monday afternoon when I spotted this Fast & Furious-ed 1993 Toyota Supra.  While it would be cool (not for everyone of course) to drive this on a Saturday night, how about when it is time to go to work on Monday?  Could you live with this full time?

For what it is worth (not much), this shouldn’t be a full-on movie car replica, because a probationary driver as indicated by the “P” plate under the registration plate is not allowed to drive a high-powered vehicle like a Supra Turbo.  Again it is one thing to flout the law, but in such a conspicuous car is asking for attention.  It would also be a good multi-stage project; paint and sticker the car first, then drive it naturally aspirated while building a killer 2JZ turbo to swap in later.