CC Outtake/QOTD: 1998 Plymouth Breeze – Do You Miss When There Were Colorful New Cars?


Although it’s been the “in thing” for the past decade or so, the popularity of grayscale shades has largely eliminated the choice of actual shades of color when it comes to new cars from most automotive brands. Even many “colors” offered by automakers today are rather bland and drab in comparison to previous decades.

Kia grayscale

Not that there’s anything wrong with a silver, gray, black, or white car. For certain types of cars, more subdued hues are fitting and actually look better. It’s also beneficial for those who want to blend in.


But there was once a time when you could still get these grays in addition to seemingly every color under the rainbow. Bright shades like this 1998 Plymouth Breeze’s Alpine Green Pearl might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who want a bit more expression, there are relatively few choices left in exterior color today. Do you miss having the option for color on new cars, or are you fine blending in?