CC Outtakes: 1969-70 Chevrolet C-10 – Going Tribal

I don’t often find American old trucks down here in Central America, and I’m actually rather glad when I do. Even if they suffer from the peculiar customizing locals tend to do. But well, what can be done about it? Nothing. People just gotta be people. And with that, let’s see what’s been done to this old C-10.

Those local flourishes are often a mix of strained finances and well, trends. Tribal designs were the ‘thing’ for a good part of the ‘aughts and appeared all over the place around here; from cars to tattoos. I find them unnecessary in this old Chevy, though the body is straight enough for me to imagine it without.

Of course, there’s the whole gamut of additional oddities that slowly add up. The blackened grille is an acquired taste, particularly with the hand-painted white letters. Some of the cosmetics are handmade as well, like the side markers. I’ll give a pass to those. After all, they are the result of old Chevy parts not being common here.

We also have the odd mix of tire sizes, rims, and more. We can go on if we nitpick. But what can’t be denied is that someone is putting effort into keeping this one alive and in running form. So, at least it’s still on the streets and looks like it will remain so in the near future.

Have I mentioned that I love these old Chevy trucks? The clean and purposeful lines of these old C-10s make for some of my favorite trucks. That said, the short beds were the ones I liked the least, as they gave them a big-head look. But overall, I can overlook such matters. I prefer one old Chevy truck to none at all.

It’s not so noticeable in the photo, but that’s more hand-painting in those rear letters. That’s a lot of devotion and love. Even if misguided, such efforts deserve some admiration.


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