CC Outtakes: 1978 Corona Wagon & 1980 Starlet – Toyota Dead End Road

Just a few weeks ago I decided to venture into some unknown streets around my neighborhood. After all, there was one I never used that I was particularly curious about. I wasn’t expecting much, as Waze showed a short drive that dead-ended on a gated community.

At the street’s entrance, there’s usually a VW Rabbit pickup (seriously, when’s the last time you saw one?) that I’ve been meaning to shoot for some time. Annoyingly, it was no longer there. Instead, I came across two deserted Toyotas that I believe are of US origin.

First to appear was this Corona wagon, with the nifty Di-Noc trim. This must have been one spiffy Corona back in the day, as I don’t remember any trimmed like this. Not that it surprises me either. US car fashions still held a big influence on Japanese cars when these came out of the assembly line. A few Di-Noc Nissans of similar vintage have already appeared at CC.

As can be seen in the photos, someone has put a lot of effort into ‘protecting’ this old Corona from the elements. Not that the covers are doing that great a job.

But well, there’s only so much plastic can do against neglect.

A bit further up was this early Starlet. Curiously, also ‘protected’ in plastic wrap just like the Corona. Do both belong to the same owner? I’ve to admit that of the two, I prefer the Corona. This one has some of the odd customizing locals love and it puts me off to a degree. The large wheels and rims, with the chin spoiler, give this Starlet a funny small-headed look.

Regardless, both models were quite popular here. I already devoted a column to the Starlet, and still need to do one about the Corona; the upscale car for Salvadorians back in the ’70s.

As for the street, I’ll check it out again in a few weeks. Hopefully, the Rabbit pickup will be there next time. If not, who knows? Maybe more forlorn Toyotas might have arrived.


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