CC Outtakes: A Toy Truck – What Could Be Better For Christmas?

About this time last year I was laid off from my job of 12+ years (and feeling lost). With time on my hands I posted a few short items here, which was a highlight of my unexpected break. In March of 2020, I was lucky enough to land a new job with better pay, just before the pandemic put most of my area in lockdown. As an essential worker, I started putting in 50-55 hour weeks, leaving no time for my CC habit. This was a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things, to which my wife would say: “Cue the smallest violin in the world, Dude.”

Fast forward to this Christmas season, and I’m feeling connected, hopeful, and blessed. My family is well and working from home, which is all you can hope for. And in a world gone mad, I know I can always come back to the one thing that makes me feel good: OLD CARS! So, this holiday season my gift to you is a Toy Truck. What could be better?

The beautiful blue long-bed at the top is for Johnny, who was a good boy all year long. This little white (?) 4-gen is for Bart, who was bad. In fact, I think Bart must be sleeping in the cab right now because the windows are fogged up from the inside. Hmm.

This great-looking 3-gen is a true survivor, and would have been perfect for Marty McFly if “Back to the Future” had been filmed a couple of years earlier. This old thing has traveled well through time, as most of its cohort are clapped out beyond all reason.

Here is a nice pair of Tundras for Bobby and Susie. And if those GMC ads have taught us anything, it’s that Susie will go for the manlier green machine, leaving the red one for Bobby. With the front-mounted jack and winch, at least he’ll get out of the snowbank.

A banana-yellow 2-gen shot in Bow, WA, where old hippies go to dye. This could be a daily driver since it’s never in the same place when I visit. Maybe this little hauler is truly Santa’s sleigh.

This 4-gen has patina to burn, with a sun-baked hood that seems all but impossible here in the rainy northwest. Of all the trucks here, this is the one that would suit me best. If only the guy down the street would put it under my tree.

Finally, I will leave you with a truck that is definitely not a Toy. An old Willys festooned with holiday finery. So here’s hoping you all get that Toy Truck you’ve been hoping for, whether it’s a nice import or American muscle. Best wishes to all this holiday season!