CC Outtakes: Alfa Romeo Giulia – For The Love Of Alfa!

I don’t need to come across an old Alfa Romeo to remind me how much I miss the days when Alfas were a common sight in San Salvador. It’s a feeling that lurks in the back of my brain, dormant, but occasionally pouncing to and pounding my front lobes: Gosh, Alfas! Alfas!… How… I miss them!

And my heart sighs, hoping for that rare encounter. For they are rare.

But exist in this city they still do. And like all Italian cars, only in two possible conditions: well-preserved or basket cases. Nothing in between. But it makes sense. It’s well known that dealing with old Italian hardware is a passionate affair, not for the faint of heart. These cars were neat-looking and fun to drive, but their sophisticated mechanicals built to a price required patience and devotion. Qualities not every corner store mechanic had in spades, and mostly absent in the average car buyer.

So, like any place with Alfisti, around here, those who enjoy them are a passionate and devoted lot. Just the right qualities for an Alfa owner.

Still, this find just brought me back to the days when Alfas were the brightest of sights in San Salvador’s traffic. I don’t really know if Alfas were that numerous back then, but they stood out in a way that made them seem so. The GTVs, the Alfa Suds, Giulettas and Giulias, were just the sexiest of views against tons of Japanese iron and transport trucks.

There’s an old R&T review covering these here at CC. Unsurprisingly, there’s great praise for the car’s handling but oddly, quibbles about its styling. Whatever. I sort of get where they’re coming from; against a Giuletta or a Giulia GT being the sexiest of sexy, the sedan’s utilitarian profile is a lesser kind of sexy.

But we’re no longer in the ’60s (a decade stuffed with automotive lusty sexiness). As such, this Giulia just makes my heart race; today and back in the 1970s. And I’m sorry these are not the greatest shots of the car, but is not like this shop’s personnel was too keen on me taking photos. And yes, I owe you some shots of that Chevrolet Task Force photobombing.

So this was a brief and rushed encounter. But as short as it was, a memorable one. A sign that the old Alfa lust hasn’t decreased one bit.


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