CC Outtakes: Car Spotting In Uruguay, Part 2

(Yesterday we shared Part 1 of the curbside finds at Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. We follow today with Part 2)

Text and photos by riveranotario. 

Car spotting was even better around the beach. The mosquito situation was way worse though! I took these first images while we escaped towards the city center in search of more repellant, which we had run out of, given our lack of familiarity with how often we needed to use it.

Still, around the beach, plenty of French cars. A Renault 11…

A Peugeot 504 Pickup.

And a Citroën AX.

A Chevrolet Joy, based on an older version of the Chevrolet Onix. GM tends to do that, keeping an old car with a different name as a cheaper alternative. These Joys are made only in Colombia now, but used to be built in Brazil as well.

Staying with cheap Chevys, I love seeing the Chevrolet Celta, a car GM developed from 1990’s Corsa underpinnings. Once again, to keep the old body around as a cheaper alternative to newer generation Corsas.

Then I caught a Prisma, a Chevrolet Onix in notchback style.

And a Chevrolet Agile, built in Argentina making use of –yes– 1990’s Corsa underpinnings.

Two generations of the Chery QQ, the famous Chinese copy of the Daewoo/Chevrolet Matiz. I find it curious these didn’t get a different name, as they did in Chile, where it was sold as the IQ. I always assumed the QQ name sounding like “cuckoo” in Spanish was a little too ridiculous. But I guess Uruguayans (and the Argentines) didn’t care.

Uruguay even saw a local plant assemble Cherys, but it seems they were Tiggo SUVs and not these little QQs.

Another Chinese car was the Foton FTR. One of a myriad copies of old Isuzu pickups built in China, some licensed, some not.

I better enjoyed seeing this pickup truck which, while also Chinese, can also be called Uruguayan. Peugeot developed the Landtrek alongside Changan, who sells their own version as the Hunter. For some markets, Peugeot builds them in Uruguay. In Chile, diesel versions come from Uruguay and the rest from China, if I recall correctly.

I now regret not getting closer to this Fiat 147.

This find did make me super happy! I was confused to see this little truck and wondered if it could be a locally built thing. But no, turns out Nissan built Sunny trucks in Japan until 1994. These came to Uruguay and I had no idea. By the way, this design was built in South Africa until 2008!

Here are some of the vehicles that seem placed as scenery for Instagrammers. Most are beyond rescue, like this Citroën Traction Avant.

However, this 1931 Chevrolet could use some sprucing up.

Right-hand drive! Uruguay switched to left-hand drive in 1945, alongside Argentina. I had no idea!

This touristy Vauxhall at least had a neat interior intervention.

This Toyota Corolla brought to my mind the song “Sitting by the Sea” by the Uruguayan band “Los Iracundos”. However, the view is of the River Plate, not the sea.

Lots of VWs too, of course. It is a huge brand in Brazil, and after all, Uruguay is part of Mercosur; the trade bloc dominated by Brazil and Argentina.

Fiat Idea Adventure. One of the many models Brazilians love to cover in plastic and lift in order to sell as affordable CUVs/SUVs.

A well-preserved Renault Clio.

A couple of Lada Samaras as well.

Some Renault 12s were assembled in Uruguay, but I have no idea if this one was among them. Parts came from Argentina, mostly.

Uruguayan-built Ford Escort. These were built in Montevideo from British-sourced kits between 1977 and 1980.

Against the Escort, Japanese had more modern alternatives: A 1980s Toyota Carina.

This was great to see! A Cadillac-inspired Chinese microvan; a Shanxi Hangtian Victory V1!

I learned that Ford sold the Festiva in Uruguay too, built by Kia in South Korea.

A Brazilian-built Ford F Series in a great color combination.

And for closing, Chinese EVs! This is the BYD Dolphin, a compact EV from the most famous and promising Chinese EV maker. They even began production of the Dolphin in Brazil, using a former Ford plant in Bahía.

Here are cheaper EV alternatives that are even sold on Alibaba. The Jinpeng Amy looks very cute in pink.

And the Today Sunshine.