CC Outtakes: From Rampage to Studebaker to Ranchero

Heading home from a Sunday outing, I passed by a familiar car in front of a speed shop / garage that’s painted up as a police car when I spotted a new addition – a Dodge Rampage! And that wasn’t all.

We’ve already gone in depth into the compact truck sold by Dodge enough that I don’t need to add to our body of information. Suffice it to say that the body looked to be in good shape and the price is right if you’re so inclined to take on a $1,800 OBO project…what’s that parked next to the Rampage? I don’t recognize it.

Cool! What model??

A Commander? I want to say that this is a 1965 model, but I’m sure the StudeCognoscenti among us will quickly verify the correct year.

The hood patina is impressive. The cartoon eyes aren’t. Judging by the F-body beside it, the proprietor was going for a Cars theme.

There’s no radiator and I suspect no engine. (ED: the engine is quite visible through the grille)

What are the possibilities of finding a replacement Commander script for that fender?

It’s been a local car for some time, I live in Van Buren.

One last look.

Next is the Plymouth. Early 50s, but what model and year?

The interior needs work

And, as promised, the Ranchero. It’s a 1968 or 1969 model. No engine badges on the fender.

Some rust here and there. I would have wanted to take this on as a project when I was young. Now? I’m wiser and more realistic about projects.

The door panel seems to be customized since the rest of the interior is white-ish.

The requisite non-functional hood scoop. Was this a requirement back then? I know my ’68 Mustang with the transplanted 170 six had one.

One last shot…is that an actual Deuce body? Are attic finds a thing? You never know.