CC Outtakes: RAM Van (And More) – Random Access Musings

Old phone company van or rabid Seahawks fan?


Most people would walk right past this Dodge Ram Van without a second thought. Not me, but of course I have a problem. And even though I want to know the van’s back-story, I also don’t want to get “caught” snapping the photo. Can’t have it both ways, Swede! So, as a compromise, here are some random anonymous classics from my leg-stretching route.


Rust Never Sleeps


I snapped this rather forlorn Mopar to commiserate with our friends from the Northeast, where roads are salted in wintertime and old cars don’t last. I just wanted to show that here in the Pacific Northwest, our old cars tend to rust from the top down. Though our roads are not heavily salted, we must still get some acid rain, as evidenced by the hood on this warhorse. This is not to say a Bellingham car won’t rust down below, just that it may stay on the road long enough to rust everywhere else first. The roof rack tells me that some young person is milking every last ounce of life from the thing. Props to you.


Go Ford Ranger, Go


On a sunnier note is this little Ford Ranger. It has many brethren in my town, built Ford tough. Always nice to see the blue oval at work on our city streets.


Two tone half ton


Another daily from Dearborn that gets some good action as a dump-runner. This F-150 is tucked behind a row of nice bungalows that face onto a city park. Lots of leaves to deal with, and a “good problem to have.”


Geo drone


Circling back to the roof rack classics, here is a nice little Geo worker-bee. This one has been around for years, and is sometimes topped with bikes, boards, or kayaks.


VW daily driver


Another classic without enough inner storage. This sweet little Beetle shows up often at the grocery store and looks like a daily driver.


Hopped up Volvo 544


Often parked in front of a local brewery is this Volvo 544. It looks pretty good, but there is another fully restored 544 that stops by too. The nicer one is a great shade of turquoise, almost like Crest toothpaste. Probably the same person owns both and sometimes drives the donor car.


I Stand with Ukraine


When I saw this Mercedes today I was slightly let down. Usually there is super-clean late-seventies Ford Courier parked in the same spot. Hopefully it will be there again for future CCs. The location is the Ukrainian Evangelical Church in Bellingham, once called St. John’s Lutheran. The church burned a couple of years ago and some say it was arson. In the meantime, the church members have banded together to rebuild and are doing an amazing job of it. This is where my folks were married in the fifties.


Isuzu ELF-250 or Mars rover?


Finally, it wouldn’t be Bellingham without some JDM craziness. Here is the business end of an Isuzu ELF-250, possibly a surplus fire-fighting unit. Well, that’s all the RAM Van for now. Stay tuned for future random ramblings.