CC Outtakes: Two Old Chevys In The Mountains – Waiting For The Changing Of The Seasons

Photos submitted by Charlie Kelley.

To be a silent witness of the changing of the seasons is the curious fate of cars junked by the countryside. I was reminded of that when thinking of these two old Chevys found in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada back in the early summer. With autumn turning into winter these days, the old Chevys will remain there, silently in wait as their surrounding changes. Leaves will fall, shrubs will wither, and snow will make its appearance.

Maybe these two are lucky to be in their current location. A junked car in nature will most likely outlast those deserted on a city street. How did they arrive there? And who would bother to retrieve them? I can’t think of many who would bother with such a thing.

And yes, I’m aware that technically they’re litter. But in the case of old junked cars, they make for lovely-looking litter.

Now, don’t think of me as if I’m encouraging the practice. But it’s not as if I can do much about these two sitting out there, so I may as well enjoy them for what they are.

In any case, we may consider them litter, but nature doesn’t know otherwise. These objects sit in complete stillness, and seeds, fungi, and whatnot will call them home and recycle them. At their own glacial pace.

It’s also odd for me to think that these two idle lumps of metal took great effort and ingenuity to build. The best talents of humankind. But regardless of the effort and pride placed in them, they’re now nothing more than sophisticated pottery.

So, never mind our contentious relationship with nature. In the end, everything goes back to its fold. And these two old Chevys make for nice scenery while doing so.