Cohort Outtake: 1981 Buick Skylark Convertible – On The Chopping Block

Canadiancatgreen has an unusual find posted to the CCohort, a 1981 Buick Skylark convertible.  Such a thing being created back in the dark days of factory built convertibles being taboo isn’t overly surprising.

What is surprising is the extent of such aftermarket manufacturing that took place from the late 1970s through the mid-1980s.

From the scant information to be found, American Custom Coachworks converted some number of 1981 and 1982 X-body Skylarks into convertibles.  They also did these conversions on the Pontiac Phoenix and Oldsmobile Omega, the Skylark stablemates.

Coach Builders Limited and Barrows were two other companies making drop top Skylarks at the same time.

It appears American Custom Coachworks went out of business in 2003.  Of the two links found here, one is no longer valid and the other leads to a French website.

Coach Builders Limited is still in business in Florida.  Their Facebook page currently has a picture of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat converted into a droptop.

Barrows seems to have evaporated.  There is a coach builder in Barrows-in-Furness in the UK, an auto parts store with the Barrows name in Georgia, and an auto repair facility by that name in Phoenix.

The convertible-ization business appears to have been a vibrant one for a short time as evidenced by the list of GM cars so converted by a variety of coach builders.

Those businesses, like this Buick, certainly had a good run.