Cohort Outtake: We All Live In A Yel-Low 6-2-6

mazda 626 yellow submarine 4

The Curbside Cohort is full of wonderful finds and brilliant photography and I highly recommend you visit it. But even if Mike Hayes had taken these photographs with a 10-year old cell phone with vaseline smeared on the lens, I would still feel compelled to share these with you. 

mazda 626 yellow submarine 5

Usually, when I look at photographs of art cars I’m underwhelmed. “Oh, look,” I say wearily, “Somebody stuck a bunch of crap on a Taurus.” Now, this is indeed an old car with a lot of stuff stuck on it but the end result is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

mazda 626 yellow submarine

I think what makes this even more intriguing to the eyes is they used a Mazda 626. I don’t see too many of this generation around anymore, even in Brisbane where the climate is conducive to keeping old cars rust-free.

mazda 626 yellow submarine 2

I should think that in Seattle, where I believe these photographs were taken, you would have slightly worse odds for finding a 626 of this era. Artistic Media Group evidently found one and, while I would prefer the remaining 626 coupes of this generation remain unmolested, they managed to construct an intriguing art car.

Just don’t try and take this yellow “submarine” underwater.