Curbside Classic: 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air – Get Shorty

I remember growing up there was a local auto journalist that owned a green and shortened ’57 Chevrolet wagon that I would see from time to time. It was likely built from a four door station wagon with workmanship that appeared top notch to my young eyes but even then I could not help but wonder why. It was so oddly proportioned that I could not understand why he would not have preferred the stock car. Years later I discovered he ran an automotive appraising business and the shorty wagon likely made for memorable advertising. I recently stumbled across another 1957 Chevy shorty.

The sign on the windshield indicated this was no random street find but a car left out after a show and shine but it did not shed any light on the question of why. Some readers might recognize some of the buildings from the TV show Fargo or the latest Ghostbusters movie. The old main street in Fort MacLeod has been maintained and as a result proved popular for a variety of media productions.

Taking a peek inside it appears to be a comfortable ride for two.

A Chevrolet truck steering wheel does not quite fit the same classic vibe of the interior. Perhaps this is a hint of modernized mechanical components?


Crazy Stitch indeed. I am not sure why but former four door Tri5 Chevrolets as well as Volkswagen Beetles seem to be common candidates for this treatment but perhaps a reason is that they they were not particularly valuable during the Seventies and featured a separate frame. So does this truncated classic Chevrolet hit the mark or does it leave you wanting more?